Kunst og Gaver


My name is Bettina Lykke Illner Breuning and this is my homepage. I started painting almost 30 years ago and have since worked with watercolor , oil, chalk and acrylic. I paint on canvas, paper , wood and stone . Most of my paintings are landscapes , often painted with acrylic. I love the nature , especially the change in seasons and the sunrise and sunset . I travel a lot , especially to the United States , New Zealand and Australia , as these landscapes are filled with fantastic beauty and a variety of colors and light. Travelling gives me great inspiration in the form of images, shapes and colors.

I paint two different genre : Painted landscape pictures from all over the world and dot images that are inspired from Australia, however , I often use Nordic animals instead of the more exotic animals from Australia. In additional to painting pictures , I paint on stones, which with its Australian motives, is very special . These stones I call for Ausi - luck stones. The stones , which are found on the beach in either Denmark or abroad , are all specially selected due to shapes and colors. On each stone is painted a specific subject, often inspired by the Australian " Dream Time". Finally , the stone has been lacquered and has now come to life ! Each stone is unique ; found , selected and painted. The stone can be used as a paperweight , napkin -sitter , as decoration on a table or can be laid at the foot of a flower. Since it is a stone for good luck , you can also put it in your pocket and maybe it will bring you happiness and luck !

I paint on wood too , which I find interesting , because I can use the tree's structure and form .

At BLIB Art it is important to provide the best service . Our customers have high expectations , and it is important for us to live up to them. You are welcome to look around on my website and if you have questions or comments , feel free to contact me . I look forward to seeing you here again soon !