Kunst og gaver


My name is Bettina Lykke Illner Breuning and this is my homepage.

I started painting almost 30 years ago and have since worked with watercolor , oil, chalk and acrylic. I paint on canvas,

paper, wood and stone. Most of my paintings are landscapes, often painted with acrylic. I love the nature, especially the change in seasons and the sunrise and sunset. I travel a lot , especially to the United States , New Zealand and Australia, as these landscapes are filled with fantastic beauty and a variety of colors and light. Traveling gives me great inspiration in the form of images, shapes and colors.

I paint two different genre : Painted landscape pictures from all over the world and dot images that are inspired from Australia, however, I often use Nordic animals instead of the more exotic animals from Australia. In additional to painting pictures, I paint on stones, which, with its Australian motives, is very special. These stones I call for Ausi - luck stones. The stones, which are found on the beach in either Denmark or abroad, are all specially selected due to shapes and colors. On each stone is painted a specific subject, often inspired by the Australian " Dream Time". Finally, the stone has been lacquered and has now come to life ! Each stone is unique ; found , selected and painted. The stone can be used as a paperweight, napkin -sitter, as decoration on a table or can be laid at the foot of a flower. Since it is a stone for good luck , you can also put it in your pocket and maybe it will bring you happiness and luck !

I paint on wood too, which I find interesting , because I can use the tree's structure and form.

The origin and creation of the Lucky Animals – the gargoyles.

The "foundation" for the Lucky Animals was created on a girls trip to Bornholm, the small Danish island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The main concept of any successful process starts with HYGGE.

My mother, my two sisters and I had 4 days to enjoy ourselves - free from common worries and daily drumming. We put the GPS on the destination "Bornholm". After getting over to the island with the ferry, we headed for Gudhjem. On the way between Rønne and Gudhjem we passed the small town called "Sorthat-Muleby" (= Black hat-muzzle town). In our joyfulness we started to create the residents who, in our opinion, should inhabit Sorthat-Muleby.

This is where the creation of the Lucky Animals begins. These animals/gargoyles are small creatures that are chubby with soft ears and with a distinct insight in coziness and happiness – and HYGGE.

The Lucky Animals are now available in several colors with their own expression, origin and inner life. Each animal is unique, named specially and has its name written at the bottom.

When you acquire a Lucky Animal, it will bring you happiness and joy.

So welcome to the World of the Lucky Animals – the gargoyles.

In private life I´m married to Mikael and we have to grown-up girl; Sophia and Laura.

At BLIB Art it is important to provide the best service . Our customers have high expectations , and it is important for us to live up to them. You are welcome to look around on my website and if you have questions or comments , feel free to contact me . I look forward to seeing you here again soon !

If you like to buy any of my things, please mail me and I´ll answer asap. My E-mail: [email protected]